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Published on giugno 19th, 2013 | by Malì Erotico


Ritratti di Malì Erotico

Inediti ritratti di Malì Erotico


 Alborosie, Cantante Paris 2008



Giacomo Rabbi, Roma Attore 2011



Jimmy Spinelli aka Rischio, Rapper Bologna 2010



Niccoló Gozza, Cuoco Bologna 2013



Dolma Yé, Dj Bologna 2013



Fatoumata Diawara, Cantante Paris 2008



Malaisa, Rapper Imola 2011



Cristina Renzetti, Rio de Janeiro Cantante 2011


ritratti di Malì Erotico-Micha-Soul

Micha Soul, Cantante Bologna 2010


ritratti di Malì Erotico-Tek-Money

Tek Money, Rapper Bologna 2013



Teldem Com’Unity, Band Dijon 2009





About the Author

Malì Erotico

Malì Serena Aurora Erotico was born in Tuscany and raised in Bologna, Paris, Montpellier and Sao Paulo. Currently Mali has been working with international musicians and artists to best individually express their passions and personality. Her pics have been used for cd covers, internet sites, promo, published on many magazines. Mali carefully observes the surrounding world, traveling curiously, always stopping to study the human nature in all its shadings. Humans are her favourite subject, their faces are like wasted artworks that she eternalizes in the moment they cross her way. All the human complexity with its sadness, happiness, loneliness, intelligence, ignorance and eccentricity are part of her images and tell stories. While traveling, she wish to pick up all the differences among cultures and traditions, inciting people to think.

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